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"T-There's s..something in my throat...! I.. I have t-to carve it out! O.. or else... it.. it's going to kill me!"
 On September 3rd, 1914 a boy who had just turned 15 went missing. His name is Chris Albus, he was a young musician that worked with a few other people in a theatre.

 Chris was very poor and held many dark secrets- Chris didn't exactly have clean hands.

 He was confronted in his apartment building by a strange voice coming from his radio, telling him that they can might just help with his performance and make him famous. However the deal was that Chris had to build a machine in order for the other to help.

 Being tricked into building the portal to the World of Them, shadow hands grabbed Chris and dragged him down into the terrifying World of Them, never to be seen by anyone on earth ever again.


 Caw! Caw! Caw!

 'Ow my head...!' I thought to myself as I let out a loud painful groan, grabbing a handful of my hair in agony.

 "Say pal, you don't look so good."

 Wait.. that voice..!

 Quickly opening my eyes I was greeted by the blinding sun and by a very tall male who had a smug look on his features.

 "You better find something to eat before night comes." He continued, taking a drag of his cigar that he had hanging from his right hands index and middle fingers.

 I went to say something to him, but in a poof of smoke, he was gone.

 I sat there for a minute, staring at where the man use to be standing. Taking a moment to think about what had just happened in the span of a couple of minutes. Once I had finally gathered myself together, I slowly began to get up from where I was sitting, taking a moment to look around, I soon realized that I was on an island- stranded- in the middle of nowhere.

 What gave it away you may ask? Well, I was standing on the edge of a cliff staring at a wide span of water as far as the eye can see, and behind me was nothing but a wide open field with tall grass, a few pine trees scattered here and there, but no sign of human habitation or any signs that a human HAS been here before.

 I watched the sky as I manage to spot a couple birds flying across the baby blue sky, chirping happily as if nothing bad was about to happen. Shaking my head slightly, my mind race with every bad thing that could happen to me out here, I had little to no survival experience and I barely even know how to take care of myself back home, I took a deep breath, holding it in for a couple of seconds before exhaling, I cleared my head from any bad thoughts, 'Come on Chris, you know the basic rules of survival..! All I have to do is build a fire to last me the night and get some food.. just.. start gathering resources..' I thought to myself as I began to gather some resources like rocks that were scattered across the grassy plain, I collected the tall grass from the field, and twigs that had fallen off of a dead bush, on occasion I would pick up flint that laid next to a big boulder, and if I was lucky I would find a berry bush and take all of the berries from the bush to eat later in case I ever get hungry.

 By the time I was done gathering resources night had fallen over the island- which was a good thing I went out to find some sticks and rocks as I made my campfire and sat by it chewing on a few berries when I got too hungry.

 I watched at the world around me darkened and became pitch black, the only thing that lit up the world around me was the campfire- which was weird considering that whenever it became night time back home, you could still make out some things around you. Glancing upwards toward the sky, I took note on the starless sky, the only thing in the dark sky was the moon which gave off a faint glow, but it still wasn't enough to light the ground around me.

 Looking back down, I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye in the darkness, standing to my feet, I stared into the darkness, trying to see if I could find what made the movement in the darkness. When I couldn't find anything, I settled back down, letting out a puff of air, I shivered slightly from the cold that now plagued the island. Scooting closer to the fire, I let out a heavy sigh, trying to get comfortable next to the fire.

 As I had finally settled down next to the fire I had manage to get about an hour of sleep before the sun started to rise, making me hiss at the blinding light. 'That was quick.. I know I wasn't up for that long..!' I reassured myself, covering my eyes with my hands, shifting around and yawning tiredly, I had fallen asleep sitting upwards- it was beyond uncomfortable.

 Hearing my back pop into place a couple of times was enough to make me take note that I should probably lay down next time I go to sleep.

 Grabbing a few twigs that were near where I set up the fire, I knew I had to make something to defend myself with and hunt with. Looking through my pockets, I came to the conclusion that i can make an axe with one twig and flint. I went to crafting straight away, I was surprised that I had made a decently good working axe even though I had never made one in my entire life.

 I got up from where I was crouching down at, dusting off the dirt that stuck to my pants, I began to explore a little farther from where I set up the campfire and towards the giant field of tall grass- heading from what I assume was East.

 I picked up some twigs, flint, berries, and rocks as I slowly traveled farther and farther into this unknown world- okay, not exactly a world as it is an island from what I can tell from- my thoughts were cut short when a terrified shriek broke through the air, startling me for a moment, I glanced towards the direction the noise came from, my ears twitching a little from the loud noise that- whatever it was- emitted. It took me a second, but when I found out what it was, I almost laughed at how silly it was.

 'I got scared by a rabbit! A rabbit! For crying out loud Chris..! You can't be serious?' I scolded myself harshly, I twirled my axe around for a moment, thinking of how I'll get the rabbit, 'Hm, it is faster than me.. but it can't be smarter..' Walking over to one of the holes the rabbit had scurried down in such a hast that it almost missed the hole completely.

 'Rabbits are scared of a lot of things- humans in general, I can make some traps out of the cut grass and twigs..' With that being said, I took out six cut grass and two twigs, and made the trap, setting it in front the rabbit hole, baiting the trap with berries. I knew it'll be awhile before the rabbit emerges back out of the hole, so instead I headed for the few trees in the wide open field, swinging my axe nonchalantly in my left hand, walking up to one of the trees, I picked up the axe and began to swing at the tree trunk, chopping away at the tree with no care.

 I watched as the wood on the tree chipped away with each swing. Again and again, the tree began to lose more and more chunks of wood before it finally fell to the ground. I blinked a couple of times, huffing out air, I wiped my head of any sweat- I soon began to chop up the tree trunk into logs, picking those up and stacking them up in a pile, I continued this process until all four trees were chopped down. Deciding to check on the trap, I headed back to the rabbit hole to find out that the trap had fallen over and was shifting around a lot, marking that something was in it.

 Walking over to the trap, I was careful when I picked up the trap, quickly trapping the rabbit that had tried to escape with my hands, grabbing it by the neck, I took note of the fact that the rabbit had horns and two antennas that were just above the horns on its head. I was amazed by the way the rabbit looked that I didn't notice the danger approaching me.

 I sighed when I knew what had to happen next. "Sorry, little guy.." I whispered as my hands slowly enclosed around the rabbits neck causing t to freak. It jerked its body and tried to kick me several times, but to no avail. I bit my bottom lip as I began to ring the poor rabbits neck, "But food's food..!"


 ".. What..?" I looked up for a moment before turning around only to quickly drop the rabbit, scurrying away from the giant spider that hissed at me in anger. 'Why spiders? Why couldn't it be a deer?' I grabbed my axe out of pure fear, readying to chop the damn thing to bits if it didn't back off- to which it didn't- so I swung the axe towards the giant spider, hitting it over the head with the axe, it let out a high pitch hiss, before attacking me, it sunk its teeth into my left arm, I screamed in pain as I slammed my hand on its head, trying to push the damn thing off of my arm. When I finally got the spider off of my arm, only to curse under my breath at the now ripped flesh and clothing from my gloves that reached up to under my elbows. I glared at the spider, switching the axe to my right hand, I began to attack the spider again, chopping it in half with the axe out of pure rage.

 When I had finally calmed down I felt lightheaded and like I could throw up any minute from now as I struggled to grab the rabbit that I had dropped a few minutes ago. It was still alive, it was just that when I freaked out, I had crushed both of its hind legs in the process of getting my axe.

 I picked the rabbit up, "A.. Again.. Sorry...." I stuttered out- still a bit jittery from the spider attack- I continued what I was doing before I got startled, I enclosed my hands around the rabbits neck and rung its neck- with a satisfying crack- the rabbit was dead. I let out a heavy sigh, dragging the rabbit back to over to the logs I had piled up awhile back, deciding that that should be my temporary base until I can find a permanent place to set up camp. I built a fire and cooked the rabbit over the fire, sighing heavily as the warmth hit me before the cold did when night fell upon the island. I heard barking and howling in the distance, causing me to become nervous, "What was that..?"

 I knew this was going to be a rough night..
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